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For those days when something special happened…
For those days when you’re preparing for a new challenge ahead…
For those days you want to celebrate someone you love…
Or, just for ordinary days when you want to treat yourself!
On those days and others,
we at TORAJI are delighted to welcome you with the most delicious food.
Our outstanding ingredients and culinary professionals,
not to mention our superb hospitality,
will make this a time to remember.
TORAJI – because delicious meals lead to a richer life.

Since 1995

Delicious food is a key part of life.

Our journey

Yakiniku culture

Toraji is a “yakiniku” style BBQ restaurant.
Since our first shop has been established in 1995 in Tokyo, Ebisu area, we came a long way.
Starting with “namuru” and “kimchi” Korean style steamed and pickeled vegetables, continuing with tongue, ribs and/or outside skirt, finishing with cold noodles or “pibimpab”korean style mixed rice .
bowl. We are comited to provide you the “yakiniku” you want for the days you feel like having a “yakiniku”.
We as pro won`t do any compromise in terms of ingredients, taste or service, Toraji will continue to promote the right way the yakiniku culture, bringing taste, happiness and health to our customers.


TORAJI’s commitment

Our shop opened in December 1995 in a small backstreet in Ebisu in Tokyo’s Shibuya-ku.
We felt that serving thicker cuts of meat would convey their delicious taste better, so we offered what at the time were unusually thick cuts.


217 E 43rd street, 1F, NY10017, New York


Grand Central Terminal: 5min walk

51st Street/ Lexington Ave. : 10min walk